InnoTraining project meeting at Kongsberg Digital (KDI)

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From left: Anders Emil Edwinson, Stig-Einar Wiggen, Sunniva Veie, Salman Nazir, Terje Heierstad, Steven Mallam and Sathiya kumar Renganayagalu

On Thursday 9th November, TARG team visited KDI for the InnoTraining project meeting. The new PhD hire (Sathiya) and master students (Sunniva and Anders), whose thesis will be within the InnoTraining project introduced themselves to KDI team and explained their upcoming data collection in winter. Salman & Steve presented the progress in InnoTraining project. The deliverables for work package 1 and due date were agreed upon.

Product experts (Jan Ståle Kauserud, Joachim Haugen Hansen, Leif Halvorson and Terje Heierstad) from Kongsberg digital shared their thoughts on the Future Training Simulator (FTS) prototype development in work package 2 and provided valuable comments.

The key technical contact person at KDI for the project was decided in the meeting and the next meeting was planned on December 12th. Stig-Einar Wiggen gave a simulator tour at KDI facilities to our new PhD student.